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Reasons why God Has Many Names

One of the things that you will notice when you are in a church setting is that God will be given a lot of names. When you get that kind of impression, do not wonder why one supernatural being who is God, is being referred to as with so many different names. If you ask, you will be told that all these names mean different things, but still refer to the same God. Since you are here looking for the answers, we give you, in this article, the best type of explanation as to why God has all these names. Read a post bty GOD TV here.

To express His power
If you are a Christian, you must have known that God is all powerful. The power of God has been observed to manifest in a lot of different ways, and people who believe in God tell a lot about their experiences with God, in the might of His power. Thar is why, in writing the Bible and other faith based books, people who had experienced God’s power decided to document their understanding of God’s power in their own way. At the end of the day, there were a lot of names that were attributed to God, and all of them were to show how powerful God is, and the much He can do.

To explain the nature of God
It is definitely true to say that God is unexplainable, and people will spend a lot of years trying to understand Him. However, there are things about God that we get to experience in our daily lives, and we end up having the descriptions that we fit to God. Some names of God have been derived from how He has provided for people, while others from the healing experiences. This means that everyone, in their own experience, get to know how God is in His nature, and the names become many, yet still referring to the same person at all times. Read more at

For the sake of praise
You must have observed that, whenever any person or thing is being praised, a lot of good names are used in the praises. In praising God too, there is the mention of all types of names, and all this is done just to make sure that you are praising God. You will realize that there is a lot that goes into praising God, and different people give their accounts of what they know of God, thus the coming up of all the names for God. Find out more about bible at

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